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"Excellent Food, Excellent Service and Great Prices"
The food is delicious and the portions are generous and the food comes to your table piping hot. The service is top notch and the cooks are incredible, definitely a winning combination. If you're in the area, this is the place to eat.
Steven C.

"Love U Connie"
Great place!!! Wonderful service and great food. Connie's lost nothing by moving across the road to her own place. Same friendly wait staff and top of the line PRIME RIB!! We will always come back to Connie's. The salads and sides are fresh and ample. Coming back as soon as possible.
Nick B.
St. George

"Great Food and Incredible Service"
I don't think that you could find a restaurant with better service. I was going with a large group, so we emailed to make reservations. I emailed at the last minute, as I had forgotten, and received a quick reply that they were closed that day--but mentioned that if we had notified them sooner they would have opened with a limited staff! We switched the day we were going to one they were open. When we arrived we were excited to try the ribs as we heard good things about them, but didn't find them on the menu. We were there for lunch and the ribs were on the dinner menu. When we asked, they checked to see if they could be made, confirmed they could, then brought out the dinner menu. They were amazing--falling off the bone as you picked them up (and not fatty). They had great flavor too. Everyone in the group enjoyed their meal.
Spencer Z.

​"Best in Island Park"
5 of 5 stars 3 weeks ago 
I have eaten at most of the eating establishments in Island Park and West Yellowstone over the past 15 years. Of the dozens of places we've eaten, Connie's is our favorite. Over the years, we've taken family and friends from: Utah, South Carolina, New York, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon to Island Park and Yellowstone. The consensus has been that Connie's is the best place to eat. When Connie moved to the new location, we were so disappointed until we found out she had just moved across the street. GREAT PLACE !!!!
Reviewed by Kimjbarlow

"The BEST burgers!"
If you're in the area Connie's is the place to stop and have a good meal. The staff and service is on point and the food is phenomenal. High quality, cooked to perfection. Connie is onsite working like a fiend and the attention to detail and the drive for excellence is more than apparent. We actually planned our return trip home and made sure we went back through Island Park just so we could stop here again. I can't say enough good things about this little gem other than I wish we had it here at home.
Reviewed by Kate E
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